I want to be rescued by Riley! (Sean Cody)


Oooh…a sexy firefighter! Riley makes me want to be a creepy arsonist/stalker! Ok, no, nothing that serious. But he’s cute, so, enjoy!

“I’m a firefighter,” Riley told us. “It’s pretty boring until you get a call.”

“Wow! How did you get into that?”

“My brother is a firefighter too,” he explained. “He got me interested.”

“Isn’t that kind a dangerous occupation?”

“I specialize in aerial firefighting, so it’s a little safer… I have to wear a silver suit,” he added. “It makes me look like an alien!”

Riley is a fan of the site and he was excited to be on the other side of the camera.

“It’s a new experience,” he said. “I’m excited about doing some ‘stuff’ here!”

He said he likes guys who are a little order and more muscular.

“I’ll pursue a guy if I see him and I really want him,” he said. “But I’m kind of shy when it comes to guys!”

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