Southern boy Griffin shows off his amazing bod (Sean Cody)


Griffin’s got some hot abs! Not to mentions those arms and pecs…they’re definitely pecstacular! And what a nice cock too…so bulgy! So much bulging going on in this scene! Enjoy!

Griffin is 25 and he’s from the deep, deep South!

“You got bad country boys and good ones,” he explained. “I think I’m a good one!”

“Yeah, I think you are are,” I said. “I bet you can take of yourself!”

“If you dropped me off in the middle of nowhere I’d be alright!”

He’s a big, muscular guy but he does have one weakness: spiders!

“I don’t care how big they are,” he said. “They freak me out!”

Griffin has been working as a phlebotomist in a hospital for the last six years.

“It can get crazy sometimes, working in the ER,” he said. “But I love it!”

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