Kent gives Easton a hot blowjob (Corbin Fisher)


Straight stud Easton is horny but there aren’t any girls around! Kent, ever the friendly Corbin Fisher boy, offers to help Easton out with a blowjob. Only guys know how it feel’s, so of course they give the best BJs! Enjoy the scene!

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To say I’m excited about Easton being our newest CF Freshman would be an understatement. This stud is hot, hot, hot! He has an absolutely flawless body, a great face, a sexy voice, a great attitude and quite the endearing personality.

That he arrived at CF and quickly agreed to take a shot at letting another guy blow him makes me like him all the more! He’s most definitely off to a good start here! Granted, Kent does a fantastic job convincing Easton it’s something worth trying, and by the look of how hard Easton’s cock is when he pulls it out of his boxers, Easton was more than ready to let someone get him off!

Speaking of Easton pulling his hard dick out of his boxers, feel free to linger a bit on just how great he looks and how ripped his chest is as he stands there, slowly pulling his dick out for us. As if this young stud wasn’t hot enough, that cock of his is quite the sight to behold. Kent does a masterful job working it over with his hands and mouth, and seeing Easton’s reactions to having a guy get him off is priceless.

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