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POV fun. Kent fucks Colt. (Corbin Fisher)

Colt is such a cute new cutie at Corbin Fisher and is perfectly paired with Kent. These two certainly are into each other. The chemistry translates well as Kent fucks Colt. The added POV camera adds to the sex appeal and turns up the heat. Don’t miss Colt slurping down a huge load from Kent.…

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Trenton loses his virginity to Kent (Corbin Fisher)

Trenton sure has a big dick, but it’s his turn to bottom for the first time! Kent is the pecstacular stud who gets to take Trenton’s prize ass – and you can tell Trenton likes it from his amazed facial expressions! Enjoy this hot scene! Enjoy seeing collegiate studs in action? Cool, then click here…

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Kent gives Easton a hot blowjob (Corbin Fisher)

Straight stud Easton is horny but there aren’t any girls around! Kent, ever the friendly Corbin Fisher boy, offers to help Easton out with a blowjob. Only guys know how it feel’s, so of course they give the best BJs! Enjoy the scene! Enjoy seeing Easton enjoy his blowjob? Cool, then click here to check…

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