POV fun. Kent fucks Colt. (Corbin Fisher)


Colt is such a cute new cutie at Corbin Fisher and is perfectly paired with Kent. These two certainly are into each other. The chemistry translates well as Kent fucks Colt. The added POV camera adds to the sex appeal and turns up the heat. Don’t miss Colt slurping down a huge load from Kent.

While Colt is still quite new to CF and all of the experiences he’s been having here, he’s so comfortable in front of the cameras and is so outgoing we wanted to try getting him in to a hot POV video.

It really does take a certain kind of guy to be able to handle these POV episodes.  While, thankfully, plenty of CF’s studs are that type of guy, having such a new guy give it a go can be asking a lot of them.  They have to take command of so much of the action, capture as much as they can on video themselves, and really just be able to get caught up in things and let things flow.  Colt was  more than up to the task!

It likely helped he had Kent along with him, though – The Pledgemaster excels at showing other guys the ropes and guiding them along.

You get a first-person perspective on all of the hot sucking and fucking here, and every bit of it is intense and hot.  That these guys have an undeniable exhibitionist streak certainly helps, as well – having a camera at their disposal seems to turn them on even more!  And the view as Colt blows his load while Kent fucks him, then gets Kent’s load in his mouth?

Don’t miss the hot video preview below! Click here to jump there now!

Click here now to check out the full scene at Corbin Fisher.

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