Trenton loses his virginity to Kent (Corbin Fisher)


Trenton sure has a big dick, but it’s his turn to bottom for the first time! Kent is the pecstacular stud who gets to take Trenton’s prize ass – and you can tell Trenton likes it from his amazed facial expressions! Enjoy this hot scene!

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Trenton gets fucked! Need I say any more than that?!

Trenton is definitely one of the most popular Freshmen we’ve had lately, and this video has to be one of the most anticipated vids of the summer. Trenton is hot as heck, and seeing him at the outset of this video just reinforces that – his smile is priceless, and his visible nervousness is part of what makes him so appealing.

Kent doesn’t let Trenton’s nerves get the best of him, though, as he grabs Trenton for some deep and intense kissing and that’s all it takes to put Trenton at ease for everything to follow, including getting a hard dick in his ass for the first time.

First with his tongue, then his fingers, and then his cock, Kent stretches Trenton’s hole until he’s pounding him hard. Trenton’s facial expressions and the noises he makes just make it all that much hotter!

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