Kellan takes Kennedy’s virginity (Corbin Fisher)


Kennedy sure did well for his first time bottoming – he even gives riding Kellan’s hot cock a try! And he’s also really lucky to have a super hot guy like Kellan for his first time, too! Enjoy watching Kennedy get fucked by Kellan!

Kellan is back with Kennedy (click here in case you missed their hot oral scene). Be sure not to miss any more hot collegiate action at Corbin Fisher. Click here now to visit their amazing site.

If I had to made a prediction for this upcoming year, its that theres a fairly good chance youre seeing two potential Deans List candidates with this pairing. Kellans already in the running, as you can see by looking at the top candidates. But Kennedy really came out of nowhere and made quite the name for himself and, if he keeps showing up in action as hot as we have here, hes a shoe-in!

Im fairly certain well see much more of Kennedy, as hes definitely loving what hes been able to experience since arriving at CF. Just hearing his moans and groans here as Kellan buries his tongue in Kennedys hole make that apparent.

That were getting to see Kennedy bottom for the very first time is quite monumental, as he is a stud in every sense. His cock just seems to keep getting bigger and bigger throughout each video, he has a hot body and great face, hes full of energy, and hes a total horn dog – all the right ingredients for the ideal CF stud!

This one is passionate and intense, and seeing a young stud get fucked for the first time just doesnt get any better!

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