Hotties Tanner Valentino and Gage Owens have a hot fuck. (Broke Straight Boys)


Tanner Valentino is still considered a newbie on BSB, and Gage Owens is his mentor today, ready to teach him a thing or two about sucking and fucking! As they make out, they shed their clothes and Gage runs kisses across Tanner’s sexy body, and Tanner gives it right back, kissing Gage and pulling that cock out so he can get it in his mouth!

He gets Gage’s pants off and sucks that big dick, then Gage does the same, dropping to his knees in front of Tanner and giving him head. Tanner loves Gage’s amazing oral skills, but when they’ve had enough cock-in-mouth action, they go for the cock-in-ass as Tanner slides his fat dick into Gage’s ass while they’re still standing up, bracing him as he fucks him hard!

Tanner’s balls slap against Gage’s ass as he pounds him raw, going in deep until they flip and it’s Tanner bottoming next as he straddles Gage and lets him slide that long shaft into his ass. It doesn’t take much of Tanner’s tight hole to make Gage shoot a huge load, and when he does Tanner shoves his own dick back inside of Gage until he’s ready to come, pulling out and dropping his load between Gage’s ass cheeks!


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