Zander Floyd drills Tanner Valentino. (Broke Straight Boys)


Zander Floyd is ready to get this scene started with his sexy partner Tanner Valentino, and Zander leans in for a kiss as they start to make out and run their hands all over each other! Zander reaches down for Tanner’s cock and strokes it through Tanner’s pants before unleashing the beast and trying to fit that whole cock in his mouth!

He sucks that thick meat, drooling as he shoves it deep down his throat and then lets Tanner have a taste of his own prick next, standing up and putting his cock in Tanner’s mouth while Tanner works it with his warm lips and tongue. But of course cocks aren’t the only things that can be licked and Zander gets his face between Tanner’s ass and rims that tight hole, getting it wet and warmed up for his big dick!

Zander lubes up and invites Tanner on top of him, and Tanner straddles Zander and slowly sits on Zander’s long bare dick, getting fucked hard and deep while he moans for more! They change to a different position and Tanner puts his ass in the air, taking Zander’s cock while he gets his ass slapped and his hole stretched! They take a minute to enjoy some more oral before more raw fucking and Zander pounds the cum right out of Tanner and then pulls out to release his own load!



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Hottie Vadim Black and sexy Jaxon Ryder have a hot flip flop. (Broke Straight Boys)


Vadim Black and Jaxon Ryder are about due for a scene together, and these guys don’t object as Vadim kicks things off with some gentle kisses, working his way down to Jaxon’s big dick. Vadim massages Jaxon’s balls while he sucks and licks that sweet cock and then they swap and Jaxon’s mouth is on Vadim’s meat next, taking that prick all the way down his throat as Vadim watches him work it.

So much oral has these guys ready for something more, and Vadim preps Jaxon’s ass with his fingers before sticking his bareback cock in it next and pumping Jaxon full of his long shaft as Jaxon moans and slowly massages his own dick. Vadim fucks Jaxon hard, but he better watch it because he’s about to bottom next as they flip and Jaxon gives it back to Vadim, burying his cock inside of him and fucking him raw!

Jaxon smacks Vadim’s ass until it’s red, pounding him hard and fast while Vadim takes that big dick like a man! They flip again and Vadim holds Jaxon’s legs in the air as he fucks him until Jaxon blows his load all over himself and then gets covered in Vadim’s huge cumshot too!



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Kaden Porter fucks sexy Gage Owens. (Broke Straight Boys)


Kaden Porter got past his solo scene, but of course there’s much more than just jerking off here on BSB, so we’ve paired him with the experienced and sexy Gage Owens to show him what comes next! They lock lips and make out, kissing each other as they drop their clothes and when Gage pulls Kaden’s boxers off and wraps his mouth around that cock, Kaden’s reservations seem to disappear as he lies his head back and enjoys!

Gage knows just how to suck Kaden’s dick to make that cock grow, and hopefully Kaden is taking notes because he’s up next to give head! Gage takes out his meat and offers Kaden a taste, and for a newbie Kaden surprises us all, deepthroating Gage’s cock and teasing every inch of that dick with his wet tongue, even sucking on Gage’s balls!

When they’ve gotten each other hard, Gage bends over the bed and lets Kaden fuck him and Kaden doesn’t go easy on Gage, he stuffs his fat cock in Gage’s ass and pounds him hard and deep! Gage moans as Kaden stretches his ass, then they switch positions and Kaden gets his dick ridden by Gage who grinds on Kaden’s cock until they try one more position that makes them both shoot their hot loads all over Gage, who opens his mouth to catch some of that sweet cum!



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Muscular hottie Vadim Black has fun fucking sexy Jason Sterling. (Broke Straight Boys)


Vadim Black and Jason Sterling just met today, but once these boys start making out, you would think they’d done this together before as Jason runs his tongue across Vadim’s muscular chest and Vadim goes down on Jason. He takes Jason’s cock out and works that meat with his mouth and hand, grabbing his balls as he sucks that hard prick.

Jason’s up next for a taste of Vadim’s sweet cock, and when he gets on his knees between Vadim’s legs, he sucks that dick and then they 69 so they can each enjoy the oral together! But these guys are too horny and cock-sucking isn’t going to be enough, so Vadim bends Jason over, spreads his ass open and slides his throbbing, bareback cock inside of him, taking each thrust slow to give the newbie’s tight ass a chance to warm up.

They switch positions and Jason rides Vadim’s thick cock, his ass bouncing as he gets fucked raw by Vadim. When they try one more position, Vadim gets deeper inside of Jason than ever and destroys that ass as he takes Jason hard, making him come and then pulling out so he can shoot his own load, getting that hot cum all over Jason’s face!



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Brothers Kaden and Kyle Porter jerk it side by side. (Broke Straight Boys)


A first here on BSB, we’ve got brothers Kyle and Kaden Porter, who have never jerked off in front of each other, so today is a first for them! But despite their nerves they seem pretty laid back and ready to take on this experience! We ask them to relax and take their clothes off, and they follow instructions pretty well, leaning back and lubing up as they each grab their cock and start stroking! Kaden runs his hand across his chest while he touches himself, and Kyle sends sexy glances to the camera as he slowly strokes his hard cock.

The physical similarities between these two make it incredibly fun to watch as they jerk themselves off, Kaden really getting into it even though he seemed the most hesitant to strip down for us. As these two start pulling on those cocks faster, they close their eyes and their muscles tense up a little, letting us know they’re each getting closer to shooting their load! Kyle is the first to drain his cock, shooting his hot cum all over and then squeezing another round out of that fat dick before his brother busts a nut next to him!



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Hotties Tanner Valentino and Gage Owens have a hot fuck. (Broke Straight Boys)


Tanner Valentino is still considered a newbie on BSB, and Gage Owens is his mentor today, ready to teach him a thing or two about sucking and fucking! As they make out, they shed their clothes and Gage runs kisses across Tanner’s sexy body, and Tanner gives it right back, kissing Gage and pulling that cock out so he can get it in his mouth!

He gets Gage’s pants off and sucks that big dick, then Gage does the same, dropping to his knees in front of Tanner and giving him head. Tanner loves Gage’s amazing oral skills, but when they’ve had enough cock-in-mouth action, they go for the cock-in-ass as Tanner slides his fat dick into Gage’s ass while they’re still standing up, bracing him as he fucks him hard!

Tanner’s balls slap against Gage’s ass as he pounds him raw, going in deep until they flip and it’s Tanner bottoming next as he straddles Gage and lets him slide that long shaft into his ass. It doesn’t take much of Tanner’s tight hole to make Gage shoot a huge load, and when he does Tanner shoves his own dick back inside of Gage until he’s ready to come, pulling out and dropping his load between Gage’s ass cheeks!



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Sexy Gage Owens get covered in cum after fucking Danny Cannon. (Broke Straight Boys)


Danny Cannon seems pretty submissive to Gage Owens’s desires in this scene, giving him permission to do whatever he wants…and that idea gets Gage excited to get started and he moves in for some kisses! As they make out, their clothes come off and their hands wander across each other until they reach those bulging cocks and Danny gets Gage’s dick in his mouth first.

He sucks that delicious meat, deepthroating Gage’s long shaft and sucking on his balls as Gage moans and thrusts his cock deeper down Danny’s throat. When the oral has gotten these boys hard and horny, Danny flips over on the bed and bares his tight ass to Gage, who stretches Danny’s hole with his fat cock as he slides it deep inside of Danny. Gage fucks him harder and faster, slapping Danny’s ass as he pounds him with his throbbing bareback prick, then getting into a different position to give Gage a better angle on that ass.

Gage makes Danny ride his cock next, and Danny bounces on that dick, his sweet ass shaking with each move as he shoves Gage deeper up his ass while he plays with himself until he busts a nut. He climbs off of Gage and lets him finish and Gage shoots a huge load, giving Danny a taste of his cum to finish off this hot fuck!



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Sexy Tanner Valentino fucks Jason Sterling. (Broke Straight Boys)


Tanner Valentino, one of the newbies around the BSB studio, is a little nervous about how well he’ll perform in his scene with Jason Sterling. But Jason knows what it’s like to be the new guy and he’s ready to take it up the ass in order to give Tanner some more experience. When we set them loose, they immediately lock lips, kissing each other as their shirts and shorts come off and Jason gets between Tanner’s legs, bending down to suck that cock!

Tanner gets into Jason’s amazing oral, pushing Jason’s mouth farther onto his cock as Jason takes a break to suck on Tanner’s big balls. When Tanner is rock hard, he switches places with Jason and gives Jason head, sucking on that big dick then getting more oral from Jason before he bends over and offers his ass up to Tanner!

Jason’s ass is spread wide for Tanner, who enters him slowly from behind and lets Jason warm up to having a cock inside of him. But when Tanner wants more, he starts fucking Jason harder and deeper, pounding that ass from different positions while Jason yanks on his own dick until he shoots his load all over himself! The sight of all that cum makes Tanner lose it and he pulls out and finishes with a fabulous cumshot to finish off this hot scene!



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Devon Felix fucks Zeno Kostas with his big thick dick. (Broke Straight Boys)


Zeno Kostas and Devon Felix have been bonding outside the studio, hanging out and working out together, and now they’re about to take on a different kind of workout together…with their cocks out, of course! Zeno and Devon get right to it, locking lips and making out, Zeno pushing Devon back onto the bed and climbing on top of him to get a better angle on those sexy lips.

Zeno gets Devon’s pants off and wraps his mouth around that juicy prick, massaging his cock and balls before straddling Devon and teasing his own ass with Devon’s hard dick! Before they get to fucking they 69 first and Zeno buries his face between Devon’s ass, rimming and fingering his hole while he gets his cock sucked by Devon. When Devon is good and hard, Zeno bares his ass to him and lets him stick him with that huge cock, going in slow since Zeno’s ass isn’t used to taking a dick!

But when Zeno doesn’t complain Devon picks up the pace and fucks him harder and faster until Zeno has to slow him down again. They get dirty in a few positions before giving Zeno’s ass a break and focusing on Devon’s entrance as Zeno slowly slides his finger up it, giving Devon a little taste of what he’s in store for before they pick it up again and get back to ass-pounding until Zeno gives himself a facial and then sucks the cum out of Devon’s big dick!



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Danny Cannon shows newbie Tanner Valentino the ropes. (Broke Straight Boys)


Tanner Valentino made it through his solo scene and is back with handsome Danny Cannon to learn a thing or two about being with a dude! Danny is more than willing to help this newbie out as they move in for some deep, passionate kisses and Danny’s hand finds itself teasing Tanner’s package. Eventually Tanner’s pants are off and Danny is on his knees giving Tanner’s uncut cock a good sucking, deepthroating that meat as Tanner shoves it farther into Danny’s throat!

Tanner watches from above as Danny gets into the oral, running his mouth slowly across Tanner’s dick until it’s time for Tanner to get some practice in. When Tanner gets on his knees in front of Danny, there’s a glimpse of uncertainty that shows through Tanner’s cool demeanor, but as his mouth gets used to the feeling of a cock inside of it, it gets easier and easier to figure out what to do with it.

From one new experience to another, Tanner gets to stick his dick deep inside of Danny’s tight ass next, entering him slowly and running his hands along Danny’s body. Danny has a hard time taking Tanner’s huge cock at first, but when he gets warmed up he rides that dick and takes a pounding as Tanner slams into him until he cums, getting squirted with Tanner’s jizz right after! For a first timer, Tanner sure dominated Danny’s sweet ass!



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