Hottie Vadim Black and sexy Jaxon Ryder have a hot flip flop. (Broke Straight Boys)


Vadim Black and Jaxon Ryder are about due for a scene together, and these guys don’t object as Vadim kicks things off with some gentle kisses, working his way down to Jaxon’s big dick. Vadim massages Jaxon’s balls while he sucks and licks that sweet cock and then they swap and Jaxon’s mouth is on Vadim’s meat next, taking that prick all the way down his throat as Vadim watches him work it.

So much oral has these guys ready for something more, and Vadim preps Jaxon’s ass with his fingers before sticking his bareback cock in it next and pumping Jaxon full of his long shaft as Jaxon moans and slowly massages his own dick. Vadim fucks Jaxon hard, but he better watch it because he’s about to bottom next as they flip and Jaxon gives it back to Vadim, burying his cock inside of him and fucking him raw!

Jaxon smacks Vadim’s ass until it’s red, pounding him hard and fast while Vadim takes that big dick like a man! They flip again and Vadim holds Jaxon’s legs in the air as he fucks him until Jaxon blows his load all over himself and then gets covered in Vadim’s huge cumshot too!


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